How to Downsize and Simplify Your Life

Downsized office

It’s for good reason the Minimalist design trend has become so wildly popular; unnecessary junk can add stress to our lives. Regardless of the size of space you live in, useless items are… well, useless. You will feel much lighter after ditching those dusty DVDs, excessive pair of flip flops (we get that it’s Michigan, but do you really need 12 pairs?), and all mix-matched coffee mugs you have accumulated over the years. Check out our 6 tips to downsize and simplify your life:

1. To start the simplification process get two separate boxes: one designated “donate” and the other “recycle”; there are no “maybe” boxes! Once an item enters the donate or recycle box, do NOT take it back out unless you are putting it directly on your back or are immediately going to use it.

2. Segment the processes and start purging your space room by room. Believe us when we tell you that you will feel overwhelmed when you take three rooms at once. This is no time to fool around; we must maintain focus!


3. Anything with holes (that are not intentionally placed there), stains, or excessive pilling, must go. You’ve probably already tossed these items aside and shoved them to the back of your closet, anyway. Refrain from tossing textiles in the trash. Almost 100% of clothing can be recycled!

4. Section your wardrobe up into two seasons. One for warmer weather, the other for cooler weather. This way you’ll have a better understanding of what needs to go. If winter comes and goes and you still haven’t worn that wool sweater your grandma gave you three Christmases ago, it’s time to part ways.

5. For those items that may still have some value, trade them in for cash or store credit at one of the many consignment boutiques around town. Conscious Collective Consignment, Urban Exchange, and Rock Paper Scissors are a few of our favorites in GR; they are particularly great for taking in old clothes and accessories. Consider this your monthly bonus.


6. Donate! Mostly likely you have many items that are still in great shape, but aren’t worth the hassle of selling. Bring those items to a local Goodwill. Here at 616 Lofts, we have hassle-free Goodwill donation boxes within each of our communities for our residents to utilize. Added bonus: Goodwill will pick up larger items – such as couches, bed frames, and so forth – at no cost.

Regardless of the method you decide to use, all of these intentional efforts contribute to the greater good of Grand Rapids – as well as our planet.