Hate Cardio? FLEXcity Fitness Will Change Your Mind featuring Andrea Scott

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In today’s society we often feel timid about expressing our preferences. For example, my friend Amanda hates onions. She’s noticed that mentioning she doesn’t like onions and asking for them to be removed from a dish only nets her a 50% success rate in getting an onion-free meal. However, if she kindly tells the server that she is allergic to onions her success in receiving a dish she enjoys is much higher.

Well.. I. HATE. CARDIO. I know how important cardiovascular training is, yet I have never enjoyed it. I’ve thought about applying Amanda’s logic and simply telling group fitness instructors that I am allergic to cardio. But I have a hunch that it won’t get me a “get out of cardio free” card.

I recently had the opportunity to workout at FLEXCITY Fitness for a week. Upon doing a bit of research, I came to the realization that I was going to be challenging my mind and body to tolerate cardio. I arrived at my first class well rested, a bit anxious, and hoping that I could make it through. An hour later, I left having had my butt kicked… yet somehow I still had enough energy to scratch my head in wonder, because I was craving more!


Here’s how the lovely ladies at FLEXCITY tricked me into enjoying cardio:

1. The class was held in rounds. Each workout session had rounds of a different length. Tolerating five minutes on the treadmill was much easier than having to wrap my mind around doing 60 minutes of running.

2. The instructors were incredible. I have taken most disciplines of class format from hundreds of teachers over the years, and these ladies were exceptional. Not only were they motivating, but they wrote their own programming. They were engaged in delivering an excellent workout.

3. It’s a bit of a game! Playing with both speed and hills in short bursts made for a serious challenge — but also made it fun. At times the instructor would challenge us to go .25 miles as fast as possible. The competitor in me rose to the occasion and I surprised myself at what I was capable of.

4. Mixed modalities offered variety for my body and mind: TRX, barre, dumbbells, kettle bells, treadmills, spin bikes – you name it, FLEXCITY has it. Each workout was diverse and I got a bit of everything!

5. The class gave me the option to challenge myself as little as I wanted or to push myself somewhere I had never been.

FLEXcity Fitness Treadmills

During my first class at FLEXCITY, I burned over 700 calories. In similar class formats at other studios, I only burn between 380 and 600 calories. In all my subsequent sessions I burned over 600 calories- a threshold I normally had a hard time crossing in a 60 minute class format. After each visit I felt lean, strong, fast, and accomplished. I wondered if maybe I didn’t hate cardio after all!

Meet Andrea Scott

Andrea Scott

Andrea Scott lives in a state of contagious enthusiasm for helping others be the best person they can be—emotionally, physically, and professionally. She uses fitness as her modality to instill confidence in others and has built a career that encompasses her passion for motivating through movement and management. During her more than eight years with MVP Sports Clubs, Andrea Scott was able to inspire hundreds of people weekly through personal training, group fitness classes, and leadership of fitness teams in multiple MVP locations. Andrea has earned a Masters of Management, holds ten professional certifications, and is committed to never stop learning!